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Sustainable GOOD GAME ! Let’s PLAY !?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Sustainable GOOD GAME ! LET'S PLAY !?

The Sustainable GOOD GAME equips attendees (entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders) with the knowledge and skills to adopt the following:

  • Sustainable Good Standards & Stamp

  • Sustainable Good Strategies & Business Plans

  • Sustainable Good Accounting & Assurance

  • Sustainable Good Bonds & Loans

Each Sustainable GOOD GAME TEAM is limited to a minimum of 15 participants to ensure:

  • Global Good School (Democratisation of Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Investment)

  • FREE & ONLINE experience

  • Sustainable Good Money FREE HUB

The Sustainable GOOD GAME will cover:

  • YBK Coins

  • Case studies

  • Workshops

  • Prizes

  • More

We are also able to offer the Sustainable GOOD GAME on an “in-house” basis, delivered in partnership with your organisation.

Let’s PLAY !? Apply HERE !

Be Good. Good Attracts Good.

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